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What Events Are Taking Place This March in Edmonton, AB?Spring is blossoming, which means winter blues and hiding from the cold indoors are soon to be things of the past. To celebrate the oncoming warmth and sunshine, why not find something fun and exciting to do? Here are five must-see March events in the city of Edmonton to add to your calendar.

Alberta Ballet in Hansel & Gretel

For one March weekend, you can experience the Alberta Ballet's much-anticipated rendition of Hansel & Gretel. The show, which comes in at just under two hours, takes the audience into the popular Brothers Grimm fairy tale. The show is "inspired by the charm of old-fashioned black-and-white movies, with the brilliant energy of a fantastical adventure."

From gingerbread men to the Sandman, the audience is sure to meet a

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4 Must-See Valentine's Day Events in Edmonton, ABValentine's Day will soon be here, and for many, this means a night on the town is in order. There's plenty to do and see in and around the Edmonton communities on Valentine's Day, and it may be hard to find the ideal event. Here are four events taking place around Valentine's Day, whether you're looking for a party, a date, or a creative outlet.

Valentine's Fused Glass Workshop

Date: February 12, 6 p.m.–8 p.m.

Address: Brew and Bloom, 10550 115 Street Northwest Edmonton, AB T5H 3K6

Unleash your artistic side this Valentine's Day at the Valentine's Fused Glass Workshop. In this class taught by Chandell Popik, an Albertan-born glass artist, participants will spend a couple of hours creating a heart-shaped bowl. The workshop includes all

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4 Must-See February Events in EdmontonFebruary is a busy time of year in Edmonton! If you're looking for something to do in the middle of winter, here's a list of four events happening locally, from snowshoeing to music festivals.

Snowshoe & Stargaze

Two activities unique to Edmonton winters are celebrated in this February event, Snowshoe and Stargaze. Part of Elk Island National Park's Dark Sky Experiences, this unique event takes place on Saturday evenings throughout January and February. While the event is free, note that there's an admission cost to the park: adults pay $9, while seniors get a discount to $7.75 and children 17 years old and younger enter for free. 

The event starts with a short park interpreter-led snowshoe hike around Astotin Lake, then attendees gather

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Winter Festivals in Edmonton AlbertaThe city of Edmonton hosts more than 30 fun and exciting festivals every year, with themes focusing on sports, film, music, theatre, and more. These exciting events are major attractions for tourists and locals and are well-known throughout Canada, inviting all who are interested in fun and those keen on discovering the wonderful culture of this fine city. Here are six Edmonton winter festivals taking place this upcoming season.

Deep Freeze: A Byzantine Winter Festival (January 20 & 21)

With the theme of "Under the Toad Stool," kick off 2024 at Deep Freeze, one of the most interesting winter festivals happening at the coldest time of the year. Explore the Deep Freeze enchanted forest filled with unique sculptures by experienced artists. A

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Where Are the Scariest Haunted Houses in Edmonton?Edmonton is home to many haunted houses that are guaranteed to fright and delight! In addition to decorating the home and finding the perfect costume, nothing says Halloween like a bone-chilling walk through a haunted house. Get ready to see the city of Edmonton at its spookiest at these Edmonton Halloween houses.

Deadmonton Haunted House

Deadmonton Haunted House is by far the spookiest and downright frightening place of its kind in Edmonton. Attendees are treated to highly detailed and realistic props and costumed actors throughout. Many describe the experience as walking through multiple movie sets, as each year, the Deadmonton crew fully commits to over-the-top themes. Plus, there's a food truck and concession available to enjoy.

If the

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Ideas for Designing a Split-Level Home

Inspired by ranch-style homes of the pre-war era, split-level homes are housing units with staggering levels. Instead of the usual flight of stairs in most architectural designs, split-level homes often feature multi-level living areas connected by a short set of stairs. The front door opens to an entryway with stairs that lead to the communal living areas. Another set of stairs leads to an upper level with bedrooms, while another leads to the basement. Some may even have additional levels with more rooms.

Split levels maximize vertical space, allowing homeowners to create spacious homes on limited square footage. They also allow better space separation to create privacy and are more cost-efficient than most designs. Because they often spot large

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Will Mortgage Rates in Alberta Rise Soon?

As Alberta's economy recovers from a disastrous year, economic projections from Alberta's government are pointing towards a rebound in 2021. Oil prices are up, unemployment is down, and real GDP growth is well into the positive again. But what will happen to mortgage rates in Alberta?

Many Albertan homeowners have been bracing for mortgage rate increases amid rumblings from the Bank of Canada about future hikes. Yet, current Alberta mortgage rates are still at record-low levels. A large concern looming over the minds of many is ever-increasing levels of inflation. Consumers have certainly noticed price increases for groceries, while others who have been accustomed to certain low prices see a rebound in the economy, resulting in a rebound in

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What to Know About Downtown Driving Times

Edmonton, Alberta, has a population of about one million people within the city limits. The Edmonton community, however, is a metropolis, with about 1.5 million people in total. While living in Edmonton itself has several advantages, living in the Edmonton suburbs has advantages as well. The suburbs can provide more of a small-town feel, and homes in most suburbs can be more affordable than living in the city. Many of the suburbs feature Edmonton new construction homes, which are attractive to some buyers.

For those working in the Downtown Edmonton neighbourhood and considering living in the suburbs, a key factor will be the length of the commute, Edmonton's seasonal parking ban, and driving in the snow.  Read on to discover some popular Edmonton

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Best Shopping in Edmonton

Famously known as the "Gateway to the North," the Edmonton community continues to grow in popularity for permanent living and tourism. Edmonton's newly constructed homes continue to attract individuals to city life. Locals, new residents, and travellers alike also enjoy the amenities Edmonton offers. Many indoor and outdoor activities are available throughout the year. The district's summer and winter seasons allow residents and visitors to complete activities they love. However, one of the most popular of these activities is shopping.

The world-famous West Edmonton Mall and other local shopping centres allow visitors to shop to their hearts' content. Some of the shopping in Edmonton is so expansive that multiple visits are required to experience

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What to Know About Driving in Edmonton

When moving into one of the new luxury homes or condos available in Edmonton, it's important to understand the local driving conditions. After all, driving to and from work, stores, outdoor activities, school, and more are an integral part of everyday life. Below, learn more about major roadways, rush hour, parking, and helpful tips that make driving in the Edmonton community more enjoyable.

Get to Know Edmonton's Major Roads

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Because Edmonton is a larger city, it has many major roads. Starting in the North, 82 Street and 97 Street are the major arterial roads. 82 Street is the main route out of downtown to northern neighbourhoods. On the other hand, 97 Street is the main route in and out of downtown to CFB Edmonton.


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