November 2023

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Solar Rebates & Incentives in Alberta

Alberta has some of the most generous solar incentives in Canada. Homeowners can benefit from numerous federal, provincial, municipal, and local programs. Whether you're a current resident planning to move to the city of Edmonton or any other Albertan community, if you're thinking about switching to solar, here's what you need to know about the area's solar energy programs.

Federal Solar Incentives

Alberta residents looking to invest in solar energy should be aware of the federal solar incentives available. This includes the Greener Homes Grant, the Greener Homes Loan, and net metering, all of which can help lower the cost of solar energy.

The Greener Homes Grant

The Greener Homes Grant is a federal solar incentive program that can help

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University of Alberta Best Neighbourhoods

If you're looking for the best places to live near the University of Alberta, you can choose among some of Edmonton’s best neighbourhoods, each offering a unique capital city living experience. This university is a major part of the city of Edmonton, and the areas around it offer a variety of living experiences. Whether you're a student, faculty member, or just someone looking to live close to this educational hub, understanding the local communities is key. Explore the unique characteristics, amenities, and atmosphere of each neighbourhood to find your perfect spot near the University of Alberta.


Garneau is one of Edmonton's most walkable neighbourhoods, featuring a charming Bohemian vibe, housing options overlooking the river valley,

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