June 2022

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Reasons to Buy a Condo Instead of a SFH

When moving to an urban area in Canada, buying a condo for sale can have many advantages over a single-family home. Many people living in condos are closer to the action than those in a house in the suburbs, which can also reduce commute times for work. If a single-family home isn't the right fit for you at the moment, don't worry—several other perks to condo ownership make it a desirable way to own a home.

Condos Are Affordable

Generally, condos in urban areas sell for about 50 to 60 percent of the price of a single-family home. Someone who buys a detached house is purchasing the home's land, while condo buyers only buy the space in their unit. Therefore, a condo buyer generally requires a smaller down payment as an initial investment and a

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Design Tips for New Construction Homes

One of the best things about a new construction home is that the owner can choose the interior design themselves. A custom-built home is a blank slate that can reflect the owner's personality and style; everything is brand new! However, owners should know a few things before starting the design process. Keep reading to explore four interior design tips for new construction homes.

Leave Enough Time for Furniture Delivery

Furniture delivery, especially custom pieces, can take a surprising amount of time. Once the owner decides which furniture they want, they should order it up to four months in advance. Otherwise, they might not have it on the move-in day.

Every furniture manufacturer will have different delivery times. Check with each one and

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