October 2020

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Edmonton Most Walkable Neighborhoods

More and more, and for a wide variety of reasons, people are becoming less dependent on driving. Some people want to reduce their carbon footprint, some want to cut down on or eliminate the expense of vehicle ownership and maintenance, and others want to get more exercise.

No matter the reasons are for seeking out a walkable neighbourhood, Edmonton is a wonderful choice. Alberta's capital city is renowned for its natural beauty; outdoor recreation; and lifestyle, history, and culture; and there are many charming Edmonton neighbourhoods that reflect each one of these characteristics. Edmonton also offers a thriving economy, affordable housing, and the city has proactively taken steps to increase walkability. In 2009, the City of Edmonton passed an

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Best Parks in Edmonton

It's no secret that Edmonton, and Alberta as a whole, is a sanctuary for outdoor enthusiasts. With an ideal location at the foot of the Canadian Rockies, five national parks, and no less than 76 provincial parks, it's easy to understand why. However, Edmonton has more to offer nature lovers than winter sports, lakefront homes, and a location within easy driving distance of Banff National Park.

Maybe your idea of doing something outdoorsy is backcountry winter camping, or perhaps you prefer more leisurely nature strolls on an urban trail system. Either way, Edmonton has an abundance of options, both within its own neighbourhoods and just outside the city, to satisfy everyone who has even a mild appreciation for the great outdoors. Here's a list of

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