October 2022

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What Do You Own When You Buy a Condo?

Are you trying to decide between buying a condo or a house? There are many great reasons to invest in condos for sale. They usually have less exterior maintenance and include access to an array of shared amenities within the community. Pools, spas, fitness centres, sporting courts, and clubhouses are common shared-used spaces amid condo neighbourhoods.

These low-maintenance perks and communal amenities are made available by the condo ownership rights that dictate the differences between the homeowner's property and the condo association's property. So what do you actually own when you buy a condo? This article provides an easy-to-follow framework for distinguishing your rights and responsibilities as a condo owner.

Condominium vs. Apartment:

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Condo Design Ideas to Maximize Space

Designing a condo is much like designing any other space. People get to let their creativity and style show through. Condos tend to be smaller than other home types, meaning owners may need more care in designing and decorating the space. The good news is several options are available to make their condo feel unique while preserving the function of each room. With these tips, condo owners will have a few ideas they can use to make a great condo design.

Condo Storage Ideas

Small spaces tend to have less storage, but condo owners can get creative to expand it. Many pieces of furniture can fill more than one purpose. For example, someone with a small bedroom may purchase a chest bed with built-in drawers underneath. Similarly, there are many options

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