October 2018

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Best Residential Roofing MaterialMany new homeowners are surprised when they discover that there's a lot of variation in the type of roofing materials that are available to be used on homes. They vary by material, in appearance, in price and in functionality. The type of roofing material that a homeowner chooses for their home depends on their budget, the appearance of their home, what's available in the area and how long they want their roof to last. Knowing the differences can help homeowners make their choice.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are one of the most common types of roofing material. Shingles are durable, attractive, affordable, and they come in different colours to match different types of homes. They're known to last up to about thirty years, which is

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Sustainable Building Material Information for Home BuyersSustainability is very important for homeowners, especially those who are in the process of building new homes. Using sustainable building materials gives homeowners a way to protect the environment while also reducing their own utility costs. It's also good for property values, and can help attract buyers when the time comes to sell. Strathcona homeowners who want to make their homes eco-friendly have many options. Knowing those options can help homeowners come to a decision. According to Bin There Dump That the use of sustainable materials reduces the end waste material and recylcing capacity.

Bamboo or Cork Flooring

Bamboo and cork are both eco-friendly flooring options that are growing in popularity among homeowners. Bamboo is popular

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Things to Consider if Re-insulating the Home is NecessaryMore homes today are being designed from top to bottom inside and out with maximum energy efficiency in mind, and home insulation is a large part of achieving energy goals. However, many homes—particularly older ones—are still insulated with older materials that are far less efficient that options today. The good news is that by re-insulating the home, it's likely that homeowners can save money through lower energy costs and recoup their investment in just a few years.

Determining Whether Home Re-insulation is Necessary

In order to determine if a home needs to be re-insulated, it will be necessary to identify areas in the home that need sealing. Also, an inspection will need to be performed in various spaces like basements, attics, walls and

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Home Pest Remediation: A GuideHaving bugs and other types of pests in a home can be very frustrating. It's also kind of gross, in the opinions of a lot of people. Insects and rodents, along with other pests, can spread disease and damage a house in the process. But fortunately there are ways to remediate pest problems in order to reduce the chances of an issue. Whether that's done on a DIY basis or by a professional, there are options for a Parkview homeowner to consider. Here are some of the most important things to think about when considering home pest remediation.

How Pests Get Into a Home

Pests get into a home in a number of ways. But the most common ways are from a home that's not sealed up well against the outside elements and from a home where the homeowner leaves

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