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What to Know About Parking Regulations in EdmontonWeather causes things to change throughout many of the Edmonton neighborhoods and the seasonal parking ban is a part of those changes. Along with this change, it's important to be aware of Neighbourhood blading. Understanding both of these things will help, especially if you're new to the city.

Neighbourhood Blading

It's not a requirement for you to remove your vehicle from the street while removal vehicles do their job, but it's highly recommended. You won't have to worry about digging your vehicle out of the snow, if you remove it. When the bladed removal trucks head are deployed, they create windrows on both sides of the road. These are not removed by the city and you could find your vehicle stuck, if not removed first.

Seasonal Parking

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Teenagers are harder to entertain than younger children and they constantly complain about boredom. Moving to a new city can be very hard on a teenager. After settling into your new home in Edmonton, you will need to help your teenager get involved, make new friend and find new things to enjoy in the city.

Whether they love sports, art, music, science or anything else, there's something in Edmonton perfect for them. Here are a few of the best choices for teenagers in the city.

West Edmonton Mall

Of course, it's normal for teenagers to hang out at the mall, but in Edmonton, they can do more than just lean against a wall, take up space and put money in vending machines. The West Edmonton Mall provides a few great places for teenager including:

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    The Best LGBTQA+ Pride Events in EdmontonPride celebrations are about being true to who you are, and celebrating your identity. Communities around the world have planned Pride events in the past, and Pride is celebrated in Edmonton and throughout Alberta. LGBTQIA+ people who want to showcase their pride should consider attending some of these Pride events, while allies of the LGBTQIA+ community should also make an effort to show their support.

    Here's a few ways that you can celebrate Pride in Edmonton and throughout Alberta:

    Host a Pride Picnic or Neighborhood Block Party

    Traditionally, the Edmonton Pride Society hosts a Pride Festival every year. However, the 2019 event was canceled by event organizers. While news of this cancelation is disappointing to many people in the

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    BilingualThe Edmonton schools cultivate broad diversity when it comes to learning a different language. There are many of cultures in and around this area. Always knowing how to use more than one language will have its benefits. In addition, living in the Edmonton area you will have support for at least 8 different international languages.

    Why Learn Another Language?

    By choosing a bilingual school your child will have an incredible advantage. For example, the benefits when learning the English language have been known to help with communications and advancement.

    Students will also learn to communicate with many different people, on many different levels and with many different languages. Your child's life and mind will be enriched by learning languages at

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    The Best Edmonton Elementary SchoolsHere is a list of the top ten schools the Fraser Institute has listed as some of the best elementary schools in Edmonton.

    Mount Pleasant School:

    • Cogito alternative program available.
    • Structure and order for academic achievement is emphasized.
    • Prerequisite criteria required for students wishing to attend.

    Windsor Park School:

    • Academic achievement is a core focus.
    • Literacy, numeracy and assessments for learning is emphasized.
    • Due to proximity this location is ideal for university and hospital staff.
    • Grades 4-6 learn French as a second language.

    Stratford School:

    • Work habits, organizational skills, exemplary conduct and personal responsibility are core focuses.
    • Cogito alternative program available.
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    Down Payment Alternatives to Putting 20 Percent DownBuying a home requires a sizeable outset of money at the point of purchase, which can seem daunting or even nigh impossible to some home buyers. With the answer to these questions, you will understand how much you need to put down on the mortgage as a minimum, and how your down payment affects your monthly mortgage payment.

    Why Do I Need a Down Payment?

    The premise behind the down payment is to enter into a kind of partnership with your lender. The lender is providing the bulk of the funding for the home in a lot of cases, but you need to show that you are willing to put in some of your own money. This proves to the lender that you are committed to the mortgage and are unlikely to default on the loan during the term. It also provides you with a

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    Exploring the Bridges in EdmontonThere are some amazing natural attractions in Edmonton. It is filled with rivers and valleys just waiting to be explored. The North Saskatchewan River weaves its way through Edmonton, and measures 300 metres across. There are hundreds of paths to hike or bicycle through as you enjoy the stunning landscape of Edmonton.

    Edmonton is known as a river city, and where there is water bridges are needed. There are some fabulous bridges to see. Here are some you won't want to miss.

    Suspended Pedestrian Bridge under the Henday

    The Henday bridge offers this bike path underneath it, where cyclist can safely cross over the river without being encountered with traffic. Hint's its name, the bridge Suspends over the river off of the Henday bridge.

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    Edmonton RushThe city of Edmonton is home to make professional and recreational sports. Some of the best sporting events in all of Canada happen within this city. Whether it's a recurring event or something that comes around only once every few years, you can find it here.

    Professional Sports in Edmonton

    Edmonton is home to many different professional sports and sport teams you can enjoy as a spectator. The professional teams found here include:

    • Edmonton Oil Kings - WHL Hockey
    • Edmonton Oilers - NHL Hockey
    • FC Edmonton - North American Soccer League
    • Edmonton Eskimos - CFL Football
    • Edmonton Rush - National Lacrosse League

    Along with these five professional teams, the city is home to Northlands Park, which hosts thoroughbred and harness

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    What to Know When Investing in Edmonton Real EstateThere are so many reasons for wanting to invest in Edmonton Real Estate right now. But just remember that when you're buying a property as an investment, it's still important to consider everything like you would if you were buying your own home. A wrong move can easily lead to headaches that could end up costing you money.

    Nowadays, it's a lot easier for investors to operate in Edmonton. For one, there are numerous Edmonton real estate directories available on the Internet. These portals enable you to have access to almost every property for sale in Edmonton at the click of a mouse button. The advantage of using such resources is that they provide one-stop shop services by listing contact details of the real estate who is listing each

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    Selling a Home During the HolidaysIt's that time of year when everyone is decorating the home and shopping for Christmas gifts. If you're trying to sell your home this time of year, you know it can be quite a challenge. It's probably the worst time to have a home on the market because you are busy celebrating the holidays but the good news is that buyers this time of year are more serious. If you are going to sell your home during the holidays, keep these few tips in mind for better results.

    For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

    Watch the Holiday Decorating

    Be careful on holiday decorating. If you overdo the décor, your potential buyers will find it distracting and think

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