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What Events Are Taking Place This March in Edmonton, AB?Spring is blossoming, which means winter blues and hiding from the cold indoors are soon to be things of the past. To celebrate the oncoming warmth and sunshine, why not find something fun and exciting to do? Here are five must-see March events in the city of Edmonton to add to your calendar.

Alberta Ballet in Hansel & Gretel

For one March weekend, you can experience the Alberta Ballet's much-anticipated rendition of Hansel & Gretel. The show, which comes in at just under two hours, takes the audience into the popular Brothers Grimm fairy tale. The show is "inspired by the charm of old-fashioned black-and-white movies, with the brilliant energy of a fantastical adventure."

From gingerbread men to the Sandman, the audience is sure to meet a

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Moving to St. Albert, AB Living Guide

Choosing where to live is a big decision, and St. Albert, Alberta, offers a unique blend of community, nature, and amenities that makes it stand out. Nestled on the outskirts of the city of Edmonton, St. Albert is known for its lush parks and vibrant arts scene. This city combines the peace of suburban living with the convenience of city amenities, making it an attractive place for many. Whether you're drawn to the outdoor activities, the strong sense of community, or the convenient schools, St. Albert has something for everyone. Discover the benefits of calling St. Albert home and how it can enhance your lifestyle.

6 Reasons St. Albert is a Great Place to Live

  • Beautiful greenery and a lush location
  • Great access to healthcare and amenities
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Moving to Stony Plain, AB Living Guide

Stony Plain, Alberta, a charming town located about 40 kilometres west of Edmonton, offers a unique blend of tranquility and convenience. With its close-knit community and commitment to preserving its rich heritage, Stony Plain provides an attractive option for those seeking a high quality of life.

From its vibrant arts and culture scene to its diverse range of housing options, this town has something to offer for everyone. But what else makes Stony Plain an ideal place to call home?

Stay tuned as we explore the top 10 reasons to live in Stony Plain and dive into various aspects of this thriving community.

Top 10 Reasons Stony Plain is a Great Place to Live

  • Peaceful Suburban Setting: Stony Plain offers a quiet and affordable lifestyle
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4 Must-See February Events in EdmontonFebruary is a busy time of year in Edmonton! If you're looking for something to do in the middle of winter, here's a list of four events happening locally, from snowshoeing to music festivals.

Snowshoe & Stargaze

Two activities unique to Edmonton winters are celebrated in this February event, Snowshoe and Stargaze. Part of Elk Island National Park's Dark Sky Experiences, this unique event takes place on Saturday evenings throughout January and February. While the event is free, note that there's an admission cost to the park: adults pay $9, while seniors get a discount to $7.75 and children 17 years old and younger enter for free. 

The event starts with a short park interpreter-led snowshoe hike around Astotin Lake, then attendees gather

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Best Walking and Jogging Trails in Stony Plain

The town of Stony Plain boasts some great trails, each offering a distinct adventure amid nature's beauty. They weave through diverse landscapes, presenting breathtaking views and a chance to connect with the local flora and fauna. The following trails in Stony Plain are perfect for a range of activities, from peaceful walks to vigorous hikes.

Best Paved Trails in Stony Plain

Not every hike needs to be a major undertaking. Sometimes you just want a nice, flat, and easy walk where you can enjoy a green space and some fresh air. Check out two of the best paved trails in Stony Plain.

Willow Park Natural Area

Other than the paved trail and some signs, the Willow Park Natural Area, located in the south part of the Southridge neighbourhood,

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Winter Festivals in Edmonton AlbertaThe city of Edmonton hosts more than 30 fun and exciting festivals every year, with themes focusing on sports, film, music, theatre, and more. These exciting events are major attractions for tourists and locals and are well-known throughout Canada, inviting all who are interested in fun and those keen on discovering the wonderful culture of this fine city. Here are six Edmonton winter festivals taking place this upcoming season.

Deep Freeze: A Byzantine Winter Festival (January 20 & 21)

With the theme of "Under the Toad Stool," kick off 2024 at Deep Freeze, one of the most interesting winter festivals happening at the coldest time of the year. Explore the Deep Freeze enchanted forest filled with unique sculptures by experienced artists. A

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Schools and School Districts in Stony Plain

The town of Stony Plain, Alberta, is served by a dedicated selection of schools and school districts focused on fostering a supportive and enriching learning environment. Understanding the educational landscape of the town is crucial for those considering the area for their educational needs. Dive into the essence of Stony Plain’s schools to discover the educational opportunities and supportive environment they offer.

Parkland School Division

The Parkland School Division administers the public schools in Stony Plain. Parkland is a large regional district that stretches from Entwistle in the west to the western outskirts of Edmonton. The public schools in Stony Plain include one K–6 school, five K–9 schools, one Grade 10–12 school, and one

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Solar Rebates & Incentives in Alberta

Alberta has some of the most generous solar incentives in Canada. Homeowners can benefit from numerous federal, provincial, municipal, and local programs. Whether you're a current resident planning to move to the city of Edmonton or any other Albertan community, if you're thinking about switching to solar, here's what you need to know about the area's solar energy programs.

Federal Solar Incentives

Alberta residents looking to invest in solar energy should be aware of the federal solar incentives available. This includes the Greener Homes Grant, the Greener Homes Loan, and net metering, all of which can help lower the cost of solar energy.

The Greener Homes Grant

The Greener Homes Grant is a federal solar incentive program that can help

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University of Alberta Best Neighbourhoods

If you're looking for the best places to live near the University of Alberta, you can choose among some of Edmonton’s best neighbourhoods, each offering a unique capital city living experience. This university is a major part of the city of Edmonton, and the areas around it offer a variety of living experiences. Whether you're a student, faculty member, or just someone looking to live close to this educational hub, understanding the local communities is key. Explore the unique characteristics, amenities, and atmosphere of each neighbourhood to find your perfect spot near the University of Alberta.


Garneau is one of Edmonton's most walkable neighbourhoods, featuring a charming Bohemian vibe, housing options overlooking the river valley,

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MacEwan University Best Neighbourhoods

The city of Edmonton, Alberta, known for its rich cultural tapestry and vibrant urban life, is also home to MacEwan University. For prospective students, staff, or simply those moving to Edmonton who are drawn to the university's buzz, choosing a neighbourhood nearby can greatly enhance their living experience. It's time to explore the best neighbourhoods located near MacEwan University, focusing on their unique features and what they offer to those seeking an immersive Edmonton experience.


Westmount, one of Edmonton’s best neighbourhoods, is a popular mixed-use area just two to three kilometres west of the heart of MacEwan University. It provides a slightly quieter alternative to downtown-adjacent districts while maintaining

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