Upcoming Event: 8th Annual Summer Solstice Music Festival

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The eighth annual Summer Solstice Music Festival will be held in Edmonton from June 18th to 21st, 2015. This year's event will be diverse, featuring a wide variety of artists, including the Chinese erhu master, George Gao, along with performers across North America.

What is an Erhu?

An erhu is a two stringed instrument, sometimes called a Chinese violin. George Gao is known to be the current, most respected erhu master in the world.

Who else will be there?

Endorsed by The New York Times as a "high powered soloist", Canadian violinist Lara St. John will bring her internationally influenced talent, some of which inspired the album entitled Gypsy. Sandra Davis Buechner, an American pianist, has a background not just in playing, but also teaching music. Each day, there will be a different performance, including some late night shows.

Where will the Event take Place?

Each individual performance will be held at different venues. Check their at, http://edmontonchambermusic.org/solstice_2015.php,  to see where any performance you wish to see will be held.


There are several classes of tickets depending on how much you want to see at the festival.  You can order tickets to individual shows, tickets that include multiple shows, or the all access pass, which has a limited availability of only eighty tickets available.

Volunteer at the Festival

If you have a driver’s license and good problem solving skills, you may qualify as a volunteer. That will be a unique way to save money, as well as gain exposure behind the scenes on what it takes to run a music festival. You may even get to meet the performers too.

Music fans that enjoy the instrumental features blended with different cultures will enjoy the Summer Solstice Music Festival this year in Edmonton. Get your tickets before they sell out.

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