Why Do Edmontonians Buy Homes?

Posted by on Friday, May 15th, 2015 at 10:11am.

Home Buying/Selling

For anyone, making the decision to buy a home or to rent is not one to take lightly. There are benefits to both options, but it seems that most individuals in the Edmonton area prefer to purchase a home. This is mostly because of financial reasons. Edmontonians look at purchasing a home as an investment, and when viewed this way, it just makes sense.

Many individuals consider buying a home, staying in the residence for a period of time, and then selling it for a profit. During the time they are living in it, they make minor changes that increase the property's value, and they are able to sell the home for a profit. Here are four other reasons people in the Edmonton area prefer to buy homes.

More Room For a Growing Family

For those who are raising a family, the room seems to be an important factor. Rental properties tend to be restricted in space. Plus, homeowners have more privacy or have the ability to make their living quarters more private.

Security Reasons

There is something about owning your own home that feels more secure than renting a place. You are the only one that has rights to the property, so you have more control over the security of your home.


Owning your own home allows you to decorate the way you want. You are not restricted to certain colors, and you have no overhead to tell you what you can and cannot do with the property. There are no restrictions to what you can do.

Building a Home For Your Family

You have the ability to choose a good community to raise your family in. Owning a home allows you to have stability for your growing family. Stability is something all home owners enjoy and love.

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