9 Best Walking, Hiking, & Biking Trails Near Stony Plain, AB

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Best Walking and Jogging Trails in Stony Plain

The town of Stony Plain boasts some great trails, each offering a distinct adventure amid nature's beauty. They weave through diverse landscapes, presenting breathtaking views and a chance to connect with the local flora and fauna. The following trails in Stony Plain are perfect for a range of activities, from peaceful walks to vigorous hikes.

Best Paved Trails in Stony Plain

Not every hike needs to be a major undertaking. Sometimes you just want a nice, flat, and easy walk where you can enjoy a green space and some fresh air. Check out two of the best paved trails in Stony Plain.

Willow Park Natural Area

Other than the paved trail and some signs, the Willow Park Natural Area, located in the south part of the Southridge neighbourhood, remains undeveloped. Start your journey on this trail near the little white gazebo at Willow Park off 45 Street. 

The trail branches off in several locations to the Willow Park and High Park neighbourhoods. The signs make it easy to keep track of which way to go. The trail winds through wooded areas, open meadows, and some neighbourhood drainage ponds. The city of Stony Plain established a plan to keep noxious weeds under control so that natural grasses and wildflowers can flourish along the path.

Rotary Park

Located near the heart of Stony Plain, Rotary Park offers paved trails in a scenic setting. Find the park on the southwest corner of the intersection of Highway 16A and 48 Street, with the park’s entrance located on 49 Street. Parking is available at the Stony Plain & District Chamber of Commerce parking lot. Leashed dogs are welcome in the park and on the trail.

This short trail loops around a pond in the park, and visitors can cross the pond on a wooden painted bridge. The path is a short and easy walk, offering a nice green space with water views and a fountain in the middle of the pond to enjoy. While you’re there, check out other park amenities, including picnic tables, a gazebo, a playground, and ice skating in the winter.

Best Mountain Biking Trails in Stony Plain

Stony Plain's Nearby Biking Trails

For those who want a little more distance for a bike ride, Stony Plain does not disappoint. There may not be much in the way of mountains in the town, but there are trails that are suitable for mountain biking. Consider these options for your next mountain biking adventure.

Stony Plain Perimeter

The Stony Plain Perimeter does not have any signs to designate it or to follow, but it’s a 6.4-kilometre trail that encircles most of Stony Plain to the east of 48 Street. The trail is a mix of paved, dirt, and gravel sections. Start your journey near the Forest Green School at the end of 45 Street. Look for where the dirt trail takes off from the parking lot on the right-hand side.

The trail then heads south until it connects to the Willow Park Natural Area. It runs east past the southern end of Stony Park and then cuts back north and parallels Golf Course Road for about 2.5 kilometres. Turn west where the trail branches at 49 Avenue Park and then south along the Park Land Stream before following the loop back to its starting point.

Edmonton Mountain Biking Trails

Head to nearby Edmonton to take in the city’s mountain biking trails. Explore a lengthy mountain biking trail that connects Terwillegar Towne Park in the southwestern part of Edmonton and Strathcona Science Provincial Park in the northeast part of the city. This interconnected group of single-track trails follows some of the best river valley trails through the city, without forcing riders to stop or wait at crosswalks or traffic lights. This Edmonton trail is just over 42 kilometres with an elevation change of nearly 575 metres. 

Best Trail Riding Near Stony Plain

People who ride horses in the Stony Plain area will want to know about available trail-riding spots. Check out several options within the region, including these two trails ready for Stony Plain residents to explore. 

Chickakoo Lake Outer Loop

Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area is a popular regional park located about 15 minutes northwest of Stony Plain. Moose, deer, and other wildlife live in this 480-acre space. The area has 11 kilometres of trails, including certain trails designated for horseback riding. The park is also a good spot for mountain biking. The trails are regularly groomed, and the best time to visit for horseback riding is between April and October. Other amenities at Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area include a picnic area, public restrooms, a playground, and a hand-launch for non-motorized boats. 

Devonian Trail

Prospectors Point is located about 30 minutes southeast of Stony Plain, on the north shore of the North Saskatchewan River. This hiking area includes 12-kilometre Devonian Trail, which weaves through a brushy hillside. At a walking pace, it takes a horse about two hours to carry a rider from one end to the other, and another two hours to get back to the parking lot (four hours round trip). 

Horseback riders can follow the signs located every 500 metres along the trail, making it difficult to get lost. The gravel parking lot has a large turnaround area for anyone towing a horse trailer. Dogs are also allowed on the trail, and they can even be off-leash in some areas.

Best Hiking Trails Near Stony Plain

Stony Plain's Nearby Hiking Trails

For those who want to slip on some hiking boots and enjoy an unpaved wilderness trail, there are some amazing options near Stony Plain. Here are three great choices for outdoor exploration in the area.

Cameron Lakes Nature Loop

Cameron Lakes is a series of lakes located just northeast of the Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area and about 15 kilometres north of Stony Plain. The Cameron Lakes Nature Loop Trail begins near Township Road 540 at the Glory Hills Conservation Lands. It's possible to encounter moose, deer, beavers, foxes, ruffed grouse, and ducks on this 3.3-kilometre loop trail. The trail is a dirt path for the entire trip. It takes about 45 minutes to explore the loop, and it is considered an easy hike.

Cameron Lakes is a network of smaller connected lakes in the conservation area. The nature loop follows the shore of Stirling Lake for part of the route. This amazing hike allows you to see migratory waterfowl during the summer months. There is even a great blue heron colony that makes its summer home in the lakes. 

Hasse Lake

Hasse Lake is easy to find from Stony Plain. In the south part of the city, take Township Road 524. After a few kilometres, the road's name changes to Hasse Road. Simply follow it to the end at Hasse Lake Regional Park. It takes about 15 minutes to drive there.

Two smaller trails in the park, Beaver Pond Trail and Lakeshore Loop, can be combined to make a nice three-kilometre hike through the woods. Both trails originate at the parking lot, so just follow the signs to avoid getting lost. The trail is mostly flat and easy to follow, and the hike should take just a little over 30 minutes. During the summer months, the park is a great place for viewing wildflowers and the thousands of waterfowl that call it home. Find some picnic tables and a playground near the lake to enjoy the lovely setting even more. 

Wagners Bog

To get to the Wagner Natural Area from Stony Plain, drive east on the Yellowhead Highway towards the city of Edmonton. Then, turn south on Range Road 270 and immediately east on the Wagner Access Road. Follow that access road to the parking lot. It's about a 15-minute drive from Stony Plain.

The Wagners Bog trail is about 1.5 kilometres, looping south through the wetlands before arriving back at the parking lot. Visitors can hike this easy trail in a little over 20 minutes. The trail is open year-round, and leashed dogs are welcome to join their owners for a hike.

Take a Hike in Stony Plain

Stony Plain's trails are a testament to the town's commitment to outdoor recreation and natural beauty. Each path offers a unique journey, whether it's a serene walk or an energetic hike. These trails not only provide a gateway to exploring the picturesque landscapes of Alberta but also contribute to a healthier, active lifestyle.

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