DIY or Hire a Professional for a Home Renovation

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DIY or Hire a Professional for a Home RenovationMany homeowners enjoy a feeling of satisfaction when planning and completing a home renovation or repair. However, everyone has a different skill set and a homeowner may be unaware of some important considerations when it comes to home repairs or renovations. What should a homeowner think about before taking on a home project?

Talk to multiple contractors about larger home repairs and renovations before getting started on a project without applicable experience. Use these tips to determine whether or not to DIY or hire a licensed contractor for a home repair or renovation.

Are You Experienced?

Watching a project being completed on a home improvement show or Youtube does not make a homeowner an expert. While some projects are simple enough to do-it-yourself, others require more advanced skills. Those that do not have practical experience performing such tasks may want to avoid a potential headache and hire a professional.

Is a Building Permit Required?

Will the project in any may affect the structure of a home? Homeowners choosing to do it themselves need to be aware of any required building permits and take the extra steps to obtain permits for home renovations. Gas permits, plumbing permits and other types of permits may be necessary to ensure that work is done up to code in Canada. A homeowner may need to arrange inspections during specific times to ensure that work is being done properly. Without required permitting, it may be difficult to sell a property and the work itself may need to be taken down or upgraded at a later date.

How Long Will It Take to Complete the Project?

A home repair or renovation time can require a significant time to complete. Attempting to complete a project while also working full-time may incur delays and expose a home to the elements for an extended period of time. What is a realistic time frame for completing the project and would it be easier and faster to hire professionals to complete the work? Are other family members on board with the time frame and the possible interruptions to their routine during an lengthy period of time? The needs of any occupants should be considered before taking on a major project.

Do You Have the Tools or Equipment?

Many people choose to do a project themselves to save on the costs of hiring outside contractors. However, the cost of tools and equipment can be hundreds of dollars. Those that do not own needed equipment outright may rent but costs may add up if work is done only during a homeowner's spare time.

Create a realistic budget that includes the cost of either purchasing or renting tools or equipment and take into account how much time is needed to complete the work on your Laurier Heights home. Talk to other contractors before taking on a project to see whether or not it is possible to hire a professional and reduce the costs of a project. A professional may be able to complete the more skilled aspects of a project and a homeowner may elect to do the finishing work.

How to Hire a Good Contractor

Hiring a good contractor is the secret to completing many home improvement projects. A good contractor will know how to complete the project correctly and in a timely manner.

Hiring a good contractor takes some effort. Many homeowners start by getting referrals from friends or neighbors who have recently completed home improvement projects. Those who can't get referrals can contact local contractor associations to find out which contractors can be found in their area. 

Meeting with contractors and getting quotes for the job is important as well. When meeting with contractors, it helps to ask them questions about the home improvement project. The more questions the homeowner asks, the easier it will be to identify the right contractor for the job. 

Some homeowners base their choice of contractor solely on price. The lowest price is not always the best price. Working with a quality contractor is more important than getting a good deal, as hiring an inadequate contractor could cost more money in the long run.  

Which Projects to Avoid

There are some projects best left to the professionals. Any work that may require building permits and inspections to prove work is done to building codes and regulations is better left to professional contractors. Depending on the laws of the specific province, a licensed contractor may be required to perform gas, plumbing, and electrical repairs and installations. Asbestos removal and roofing work may also be best performed by a professional. When doing a project yourself may endanger your life or those around you, it may be worthwhile to look for a licensed contractor.

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