How Homeowners Can Benefit from Residential Solar Panels

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6 Benefits of Residential Solar Energy for HomeownersMany Canadian homeowners have begun to supplement traditional energy sources with residential solar panels. The technology is available for homeowners to be able to live completely off grid and produce enough energy to meet the needs of a family. There are a multitude of reasons why individuals choose to go solar and there are many advantages for those deciding to go with residential solar power.

As many first-world nations rely upon residential solar panels as part of their clean energy solution, the maturity of the technology makes it easier for homeowners to switch to residential solar panels. Understand more about the advantages of residential solar panels for Canadian homeowners today.

Cut Installation Costs with Subsidies

There are costs associated with initial installation of a residential solar panel system. However, areas like Ontario may provide incentives in the form of subsidies that can offset some or all of those costs. Homeowners can benefit from the reduced cost of solar equipment, in addition to not having to pay for ever-rising costs of electricity to traditional utility companies. As the technology gets progressively cheaper, homeowners may be able to recoup initial costs in as little as five years.

Reduce Long-Term Energy Costs

Canadian homeowners can not only pay less to heat or cool their homes, but they may also be able to better predict any electrical payments in the future. This can be achieved through generating their own sustainable form of electricity and not being tied to the increasing costs associated with getting energy traditionally from a local utility company. This is useful for those individuals budgeting for the future and looking to decrease their energy consumption. Solar energy changes are often paired with other means of increasing energy-efficiency in a home.

Get Paid to Produce Clean Energy

Some homeowners are surprised to find out that not only can they reduce the costs associated with meeting their own energy needs, but they may even get paid to produce solar energy. Some homeowners may be able to sell energy back to a utility company through programs such as Ontario's MicroFit program. Applicable tariffs associated with the program have fallen. Similar programs are available in British Columbia, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Become Self-Sufficient with Solar Energy

Homeowners may be vulnerable to power outages and blackouts when getting their energy solely from the grid. This can not only be inconvenient but dangerous for times when temperatures plummet in some Canadian provinces and territories. With new storage batteries for solar energy, homeowners may generate their own energy sustainably and use it at later times. Homeowners have more control over the means of energy generation and can avoid the pitfalls of being tied to a traditional utility grid system.

Easy Options to Begin Using Residential Solar Energy

Not every homeowner can pay for a solar panel system outright. Homeowners should realize that it is possible to buy a system, lease a system and even to finance the purchase of a solar panel system. A homeowner can use an option which works for them. Financing may make purchasing a system easier and allow homeowners to take advantage of Canadian subsidies and incentives.

However those who purchase a system should be prepared to learn more about how to maintain their solar panel system for optimal function. Others may want to lease a system. While they may still be connected to the grid, they will benefit from discounted energy bills and be able to hand over maintenance of a system to a third-party.

Invest in a Cleaner Tomorrow

Homeowners should understand that the collective production of solar energy conserves energy across the country and requires fewer resources than the generation of energy through traditional means. Multiple incentives make it possible for many homeowners to use solar panels on their home to supplement traditional means or as a single source to meet energy demands, when paired with solar batteries. However, there are some homes that may not benefit from a solar panel system. Homeowners interested in residential solar energy should inquire about having a free assessment performed on their home. Adjustments may be required depending on the location of a property or the type of roof on a structure.

The majority of solar energy systems do not require much when it comes to maintenance. Homeowners should have any system professionally installed in order to ensure the validity of related warranties, and homeowners should hold unto any warranties in case a system needs to be replaced or repaired prior to the end of the system's generally expected lifespan. Some homeowners may be able to enjoy clean energy from their high-quality solar panel system for up to 30 years.

Residential Solar Energy in Canada

Homeowners can now see residential solar energy systems in homes within local communities like homes in Sherwood Park and may want to find a solution for their home or farm. Investigate any available Canadian provincial and municipal programs to make the purchase and installation of a solar system more affordable.

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