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Schools and School Districts in Stony Plain

The town of Stony Plain, Alberta, is served by a dedicated selection of schools and school districts focused on fostering a supportive and enriching learning environment. Understanding the educational landscape of the town is crucial for those considering the area for their educational needs. Dive into the essence of Stony Plain’s schools to discover the educational opportunities and supportive environment they offer.

Parkland School Division

The Parkland School Division administers the public schools in Stony Plain. Parkland is a large regional district that stretches from Entwistle in the west to the western outskirts of Edmonton. The public schools in Stony Plain include one K–6 school, five K–9 schools, one Grade 10–12 school, and one specialty school that provides homeschool support for Grades 1–12. Parents can look up school boundaries through the Where is My PSD School? webpage.

  • Forest Green School (K–6)
  • Blueberry School (K–9)
  • École Meridian Heights School (K–9)
  • High Park School (K–9)
  • Muir Lake School (K–9)
  • Westview School (K–9)
  • Memorial Composite High School (10–12)

All K–9 schools in Stony Plain feed into the same high school. Memorial Composite High School offers career and technology studies in a number of different disciplines in addition to Alberta's core curriculum. These programs include courses in business, computer science, construction, cosmetology, fabrication, mechanics, sports medicine, and video broadcasting and editing. The school also offers French, German and Japanese as second languages. 

The high school's fine arts division includes art, drama, and music courses. All high school athletic teams compete in the Metro Edmonton High School Athletic Association League. The sports offered include soccer, basketball, swimming, rugby, golf, and track and field.

École Meridian Heights School has a French immersion program and four award-winning music programs. Extracurricular activities offered here mirror those at all the K–9 schools in Stony Plain and include sports, music, band, drama, and Indigenous education and leadership. 

Evergreen Catholic School Division

The Evergreen Catholic School Division oversees one school in Stony Plain: St. John Paul II Catholic School. This K–8 school is in the south part of Stony Plain, near the neighbourhoods of Woodlands and Willow Park. Willow Park is a newer subdivision in Stony Plain with many new construction homes. St. John Paul II Catholic School accepts students of any faith. All students attend school Masses, celebrations, and liturgies.

There is no Catholic high school in Stony Plain. Once students graduate from 8th grade, they generally move on to attend St. Peter the Apostle Catholic High School in the nearby town of Spruce Grove. It's only about a 15-minute drive east of Stony Plain, and the Evergreen Catholic School Division also administers this school. The same rules for attendance at the K–8 school apply at St. Peter the Apostle Catholic High School. Students can be any faith to enroll but must attend Masses and take religion courses. 

L'école Francophone de Stony Plain

Stony Plain's French Immersion Charter School

L'école Francophone de Stony Plain, also known as École la Trinité, is a French immersion charter school in Stony Plain. It’s administered by The Greater North Central Francophone Education Region of Edmonton, which is based out of the Bonnie Doon neighbourhood. Students have to meet one of three criteria to be eligible for instruction in French:

  • French is the first language of at least one parent.
  • One parent was educated in French as their first language in Canada.
  • One sibling is receiving instruction in French as a first language.

Although this is a Pre-K through Grade 12 school, classes in French don't begin until Grade 3 for English-speaking students. Since there is no French-speaking Catholic school in the Stony Plain area, this particular school must offer a Catholic course in French to every grade level. 

Independent Schools in Stony Plain

An independent school is a not-for-profit school that has its own board of governors separate from the local school district. Independent schools are not private schools, although they are often referred to that way. Donations to an independent school are eligible for tax receipts because they are charitable organizations. There are two not-for-profit independent schools in the Stony Plain area.

St. Matthew Lutheran Christian Academy is a K– 9 independent school operated by St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Stony Plain. The school is on the west side of Stony Plain, one block east of the Glenn Hall Centennial Arena. Classes at each grade level are capped at 24 students to keep class sizes small. In addition to following a curriculum that meets Alberta standards, students also receive a Christian education based on the Lutheran faith. Floor hockey, archery, track and field, volleyball, and basketball are some sports offered here.

Living Waters Christian Academy is an independent K–12 school in nearby Spruce Grove, which is one of Edmonton’s best suburbs. It's in a neighbourhood with several waterfront homes along the small ponds and lakes in the town. Every year, 11th graders go on a mission trip to Guatemala, where they sponsor orphanages, hospitals, and schools. 

Stony Plain Private Schools

While Stony Plain is home to several private preschools, there are no private schools for students in Grades 1–12 anywhere in the city or in nearby Spruce Grove. The closest private schools to Stony Plain are in West Edmonton, so it is usually a 30-minute or longer commute. For parents who are already commuting to Edmonton for work, this can be a viable option for providing their students with a private education. Here are some options within about a 30-minute drive from Stony Plain.

St. George's Hellenic Language School, located in Edmonton's Westmount neighbourhood, is a Greek Orthodox private school for Grades pre-K–12. It focuses on Greek language, history and culture, in addition to the standard Alberta curriculum standards.

Progressive Academy is a private K through 12 school in the Glenora neighbourhood of Edmonton. Academics focus on literacy, technology, entrepreneurship, and performing and visual arts.

École Holy Cross Catholic School is a private K–9 Catholic school on the western side of Edmonton in the Canora neighbourhood. The program focuses on making every student fully bilingual in French and English by the time they finish 9th grade.

Private Preschools

Parents can explore several private preschools and daycares in Stony Plain. These programs usually start at around age 3, and children attend either through pre-kindergarten or kindergarten. These schools offer active and imaginative play and age-appropriate educational activities for students. 

  • Bright Minds Daycare
  • Pitter-Patter Preschool
  • Kids @ Play
  • Stony Plain Childcare Place
  • My Happy Place Daycare and Out-of-School Care
  • The Child Club

Homeschooling in Stony Plain

Stony Plain Homeschooling Resources

Connections for Learning (CFL) is a non-traditional public school in Stony Plain. It serves students in Grades 1–12, and one of the programs that families can utilize assists parents who homeschool. To utilize Connections for Learning, parents must agree to three parent-teacher conferences throughout each academic year. At the end of the school year, parents meet with their teacher liaison to review each child's portfolio of work for the year.

CFL organizes monthly activities for homeschooled students to attend. These can include STEM seminars, theatre and music programs, sports, or arts and crafts projects. Students can take optional field trips to places like the Ukrainian Village or the University of Alberta Botanical Gardens near the town of Devon. Field trips and programs target specific grade levels, so there are opportunities for homeschool parents and students to interact with each other in an additional learning environment outside the home.  

Educational Options Abound in Stony Plain

The schools and school districts in Stony Plain—one of Edmonton’s suburbs with low property taxes—play a pivotal role in shaping the educational journey of their students. They provide a blend of strong academic programs and enriching extracurricular activities, all within a supportive community environment. For those seeking a nurturing and dynamic educational setting, Stony Plain’s schools reflect the community's dedication to fostering well-rounded individuals.

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