Edmonton's 6 Best Shopping Destinations

Posted by Terry Paranych on Monday, July 5th, 2021 at 11:20am.

Best Shopping in Edmonton

Famously known as the "Gateway to the North," the Edmonton community continues to grow in popularity for permanent living and tourism. Edmonton's newly constructed homes continue to attract individuals to city life. Locals, new residents, and travellers alike also enjoy the amenities Edmonton offers. Many indoor and outdoor activities are available throughout the year. The district's summer and winter seasons allow residents and visitors to complete activities they love. However, one of the most popular of these activities is shopping.

The world-famous West Edmonton Mall and other local shopping centres allow visitors to shop to their hearts' content. Some of the shopping in Edmonton is so expansive that multiple visits are required to experience the entire centre. When it comes to the best shopping near Edmonton, choosing any of the options below is sure to provide visitors with a memorable experience.

West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall Shops

  • Treehouse Toys
  • Lush
  • LEGO
  • Lacoste
  • Game On Sports
  • Color Me Mine

The West Edmonton Mall is a fully immersive experience for visitors across the North American continent. One of the few malls in the world that is also designated as a zoo, West Edmonton Mall is truly a world-class destination.

Standing at 5.3 million square feet, the mall is almost a miniature city in its own right. Walking from one end of the mall to the other (without stopping in stores) can take 30–45 minutes during the peak busy season. Over 800 stores and 100 dining venues are available. Brands from the local to international level are easy to find in West Edmonton Mall. Furthermore, there are three distinct themed streets for shopping: BRBN St., Europa Boulevard, and Chinatown. No detail has been overlooked in creating these shopping areas.

Outside of shopping and dining, guests can enjoy a water park, bowling alley, ice palace, adventure golf course, casino, and more! The mall itself and its attractions are open seven days a week at various hours. With over 30.8 million individuals visiting the mall each year, visitors can enjoy staying at several on-site hotels. Additionally, guests can enjoy free WiFi at their hotel and across the mall. A visit to West Edmonton Mall is a must for residents and travellers alike.

Edmonton City Centre

Edmonton City Centre Shops

  • Hudson's Bay
  • Sport Chek
  • Winners

Edmonton City Centre underwent a $41.3 million revitalization in 2017. Once a sleepy area downtown, the centre has been completely transformed into an Edmonton shopping destination. Visitors can enjoy dining, shopping, and playing all in one urban area. With anchor stores Hudson's Bay, Landmark Cinemas, Sport Chek, and Winners, guests can complete basic shopping needs and catch the latest cinema masterpiece.

Over 80 stores and 50 offices are in Edmonton City Centre. The offices are situated within 24-storey towers that stand over the centre. As the centre is open seven days a week, guests can enjoy their visit on their schedule. Better still, Edmonton City Centre offers free parking on any guest's next visit if they spend $50 anywhere in the centre. With two parkades, guests can easily park near the stores they wish to visit. Additionally, gift wrapping is available for customers throughout the year, operating by donation, with proceeds going to local charities.

Kingsway Mall

Kingsway Mall Shops

  • Glass Earth Inc.
  • Keravie Lash Loft
  • The Makers Keep

Kingsway Mall has long been a favourite shopping area among locals and tourists alike. Over 160 stores are available seven days a week for visitors to stop in and browse. Local vendors and international brands are available throughout the mall, allowing guests to enjoy a wide range of products and services. Unique boutiques in Kingsway Mall include Glass Earth Inc., Keravie Lash Loft, and The Makers Keep.

Parking is always free for visitors to Kingsway Mall, which is a large cost-saving factor during a day of shopping. With more than 3,900 parking stalls, visitors can easily find a place to park their vehicles.

The mall has recently undergone renovations to create a more modern interior. For example, guests can enjoy using the two new rental charging stations in the mall to ensure their cell phones have enough battery life to last the day. Kingsway is also dedicated to sustainable shopping, enacting many programs to increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions and water use. These programs have earned it the BOMA BEST Gold Certification.

Londonderry Mall

Londonderry Mall Shops

  • Afro Era
  • Paris Jewellers
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Jus Trendii
  • Le Chateau

Londonderry Mall is an open-air shopping centre that combines daily tasks with boutique shopping. Its convenient location in Edmonton allows individuals to visit after work or plan an entire day's visit on their day off. Guests can visit Shoppers Drug Mart for groceries and complete any of their full-service Canada Post outlet needs. Additionally, TD Canada Trust and Bank of Montreal are available for guests to complete financial needs.

With over 140 stores and restaurants available, guests are sure to find many reasons to come back to Londonderry Mall time and again. Afro Era, Paris Jewellers, Shoppers Drug Mart, Jus Trendii, Le Chateau, and many more options are available. Additionally, the mall regularly offers rotating contests for guests to participate in and vote on. These contests are fun for all ages and bring the community together for more than a few laughs throughout the year.

Mill Woods Town Centre

Mill Woods Town Centre Shops

  • Co-Op
  • Canadian Tire
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Goodlife Fitness
  • Dollarama

Mill Woods Town Centre is a community shopping centre with over 150 stores for guests to peruse. Located in the Southeast Edmonton community, the centre is quickly becoming a focal point in the neighbourhood. It's close to schools, medical facilities, and recreational activities. Those in the Mill Woods community are often found at the town centre completing their typical shopping tasks. Co-Op, Canadian Tire, Shoppers Drug Mart, Goodlife Fitness, and Dollarama are the centre's anchor stores. Visitors can easily complete general, specific, and boutique shopping during their visit.

With its convenient location at the crossing of 66th Street and 23rd Avenue, entering and exiting is a breeze. Additionally, the free parking options are attractive for regular visitors.

Westmount Shopping Centre

Westmount Shopping Centre Shops

  • Safeway
  • Home Depot
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Dollarama
  • Walmart

Westmount Shopping Centre originally opened in 1971 with just 15 stores. After many years, ownership changed, and new development began to expand the shopping centre. Today, it has grown to over 65 local, national, and international brands. With numerous parking stalls and a range of store options, guests can easily turn to Westmount Shopping Centre for daily tasks or a fun shopping day with friends.

Anchor stores at Westmount Shopping Centre include Safeway, Home Depot, Shoppers Drug Mart, Dollarama, and Walmart. Visitors will also find numerous boutique beauty and fashion stores, medical services, financial services, and restaurants. Open seven days a week, residents should not be surprised if they find themselves at Westmount Shopping Centre often. 

Shop 'Til You Drop in Edmonton

Anyone can easily see how Edmonton offers excellent shopping opportunities. Whether one is looking for a staycation or vacation in the city or wants to complete a day of light shopping, Edmonton has the best options in any area. The ability for residents to gain access to international brands without leaving their community is not something one can find in all cities. Additionally, a mall that is also a zoo and has a nightclub, kids area, and 800 stores is tough to find outside Edmonton.

When the best shopping is combined with the distinctive seasons, city life, short drive to the mountains, conservatories, and national parks, it's simple to understand why so many individuals call Edmonton home. Rather than travelling for a vacation or a getaway, residents can leave their Edmonton townhouses, hop in their cars, and take a short drive to their destinations.

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