Schools in St. Albert, AB: Your Insider St. Albert Schools Guide

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Ready to explore the academic landscape of St. Albert, Alberta? You're in the right place. St. Albert showcases a rich education terrain with public, Catholic, and Francophone institutions. There are also several higher education opportunities in and around the city. So, whether you're moving to St. Albert or just curious, you'll get the lowdown on the schools and districts that make up this vibrant educational community. 

Public Schools in St. Albert

Public schools in the city of St. Albert offer a variety of programs, focusing not only on academics but also on citizenship and extracurriculars. From preschool through grade 12, they cater to over 9,500 students in non-denominational settings, providing a welcoming environment for all.

In these schools, students are part of a community that values each student's unique potential and strives to nurture it. St. Albert public schools boast a robust curriculum that's designed to challenge and engage students, encouraging them to reach their full potential. They also believe in the importance of shaping rounded individuals, which is why they place a strong emphasis on helping students become responsible, respectful, and caring members of society.

In St. Albert's public schools, you'll notice a harmonious blend of academic rigour and character education. They're not just preparing students for exams—they're preparing them for life. As you explore these schools, you'll quickly realize that they're not just places of learning but also places of growth and self-discovery.

Catholic Schools in St. Albert

As the fourth-largest Catholic jurisdiction in the province, The Greater St. Albert Catholic School Division oversees schools in St. Albert, Morinville, and Legal, welcoming those of all faiths. 

This separate school division operates 17 schools and serves approximately 5,500 students. Schools include Albert Lacombe Catholic Elementary School, Richard S. Fowler Catholic Junior High School, and École Secondaire St. Albert Catholic High School. Several of the schools in the district also provide French Immersion programs.

Francophone Schools in St. Albert

For students, there's the option of Francophone institutions—offering instruction entirely in French. The Greater North Central Francophone Education Region No. 2 is dedicated to meeting the needs of St. Albert's Francophone community. 

The Francophone schools in St. Albert cater to all grades. For younger students, from Pre-K to Grade 4, there's École La Mission Francophone School. This school provides a nurturing environment where the youngest students can start their journey of education in French.

For older students, there's École Alexandre-Taché. This school is designed to prepare them for the future, whether they're looking to further their education or start their careers.

These schools focus on academics and promote a deep appreciation and understanding of the French language and culture. It's a unique opportunity for students to become fluent in another language and open up a world of possibilities for their future.

Higher Education In & Around St. Albert

There's no shortage of options for higher education, with institutions like the University of Alberta, MacEwan University, and The King's University all within easy reach. Living in St. Albert, you're in a prime location to access these schools right on your doorstep in the city of Edmonton.

The University of Alberta is one of Canada's leading research universities, offering a multitude of programs for you to explore. MacEwan University is known for its impressive facilities and strong focus on teaching. If you're looking for a smaller, Christian-based education, The King's University might be the right fit, with its intimate class sizes and strong community feel.

Take the time to visit these campuses, meet with faculty and students, and check out the programs they offer.

Enjoy St. Albert's Educational Options

St. Albert offers schooling options at all stages of the educational journey. So, whether you're seeking public schools, Catholic institutions, Francophone options, or higher education nearby, there's something for everyone here. 

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