Moving to St. Albert, AB: 10 Reasons to Live in St. Albert

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Moving to St. Albert, AB Living Guide

Choosing where to live is a big decision, and St. Albert, Alberta, offers a unique blend of community, nature, and amenities that makes it stand out. Nestled on the outskirts of the city of Edmonton, St. Albert is known for its lush parks and vibrant arts scene. This city combines the peace of suburban living with the convenience of city amenities, making it an attractive place for many. Whether you're drawn to the outdoor activities, the strong sense of community, or the convenient schools, St. Albert has something for everyone. Discover the benefits of calling St. Albert home and how it can enhance your lifestyle.

6 Reasons St. Albert is a Great Place to Live

  • Beautiful greenery and a lush location
  • Great access to healthcare and amenities
  • Plenty of things to do outdoors
  • Activities for people of all ages
  • Opportunities for winter weather adventures
  • Gorgeous homes with luxury in mind

Is Living in St. Albert Expensive? Cost of Living in St. Albert

Living in St. Albert can be an affordable option for people with salaries at or above the area's average income of $68,800 per person. Someone who rents and lives alone would pay approximately $3,400 per month to live in St. Albert, which includes housing, transportation, groceries, and other expenses. With a two-person household where both people are working, buying a home for sale in St. Albert becomes easier as well.

The average income for a household in St. Albert is around $136,000, and income levels continue to increase when looking at year-over-year figures. Whether someone wants to buy a condo right in the heart of everything or one of the gated community homes further from the city center, there are homeownership and rental options throughout the area. An average rental costs approximately $1,600 per month, while median home prices are around $450,000.

While many homes sell under this price point, there are also homes that cost much more. Anyone moving into the St. Albert area will have many housing options to choose from. Plus, new residents will want to consider local transportation to and from work, the types of groceries they choose, and what kinds of entertainment interest them the most. There's something for nearly everyone in St. Albert, whether they want to buy or rent a home.

Great Places to Live in St. Albert

One benefit of living in St. Albert is the great neighborhoods in the area. They all offer their own charm and level of amenities, giving buyers the opportunity to consider which one will be the best option. One of the most popular St. Albert neighborhoods is North Ridge. This beautiful community offers a peaceful, laid-back vibe but also includes plenty of things to do. Walking trails, parks, playgrounds, and lakes are abundant, and schools are nearby.

Lacombe Park is another area many home buyers love. Anyone looking for a well-kept older home and a larger parcel of land would likely want to explore what this neighborhood offers. It's well-located when it comes to accessing other parts of the city, and there are a lot of cottage-style European homes that buyers find very appealing.

Considering the Heritage Lakes neighborhood is often part of a home search in St. Albert, too. This neighborhood is located at St. Albert's tip and offers playgrounds, parks, and schools. The Enjoy Centre is also there, with a gorgeous mix of retail shops and garden space for convenience and natural beauty.

Fun Things to Do in St. Albert

Activities & Entertainment in St. Albert

St. Albert is full of fun things to do and can easily accommodate residents of all ages and interests. There are amazing restaurants, casual cafes, cultural experiences, and many outdoor options. No matter what someone enjoys in their spare time, they can find it in the area.

Where to Eat

When looking for a great place to eat in St. Albert, there are dozens of options. Hungry patrons can check out the barbecue at Dickey's BBQ pit restaurant or try the cuisine at Asian Connection. There are also a number of pizza places, along with Browns Socialhouse and D'Arcy's Country Diner. Earl's Restaurant and Bar has great food, too, and Flame Kitchen & Wine can provide a higher-end experience. For a great dessert spot in St. Albert, try Candy Bouquet.

From fine-dining steakhouses to casual coffee shops, St. Albert offers many opportunities to have a meal alone or with friends and family. New residents can spend some time trying out different places, looking for a location where they feel at home and can get to know others in the area. With good food and a comfortable place to enjoy it, it's easier than ever to settle into a new location and start making great memories.

Arts & Culture

St. Albert’s art and cultural opportunities are another reason to make the city home. From parks and outdoor spaces where events are held in the warmer months to indoor spaces full of adventure and beauty, the area is full of experiences. Various attractions and well-preserved landmarks are plentiful, allowing residents and visitors to explore the history and current culture of the city and its surrounding area.

The St. Albert Art Gallery is a great place to spend the day, taking in all the gorgeous works of art contained in the space. For residents who want to see art in public spaces, there are many to seek out all over the city. Maps will show the locations of sculptures, murals, and other art, and there's also an option to take a virtual tour of them, too. That makes it easy to have a look and decide which ones to see in person.

Parks & Outdoor Activities

There's nothing like being outdoors on a beautiful, warm day, and residents of St. Albert have plenty of opportunities to do that. From city parks to the farmer's market, there's always something to experience. Anyone living in or visiting the area can check out the playgrounds, parks, and green spaces the city is well-known for and enjoy the more than 65,000 trees throughout St. Albert.

There are also dog parks to take a four-legged friend, and an expansive map of trails for walking, jogging, hiking, and biking. Residents who enjoy outdoor sports can find soccer fields, baseball diamonds, and more, including ice rinks in the winter months. It's easy to see why people love the area and why so many residents want to get out and explore after work and on their days off.

Schools in St. Albert

There are three school divisions in St. Albert, with a wide range of teaching styles and educational opportunities. Some noteworthy options for education in the school system include:

  • Francophone studies
  • French immersion
  • Cogito
  • International Baccalaureate
  • Sports academies
  • Learning through the arts
  • Registered apprenticeship programs
  • Integrated digital technology

There are over a dozen Catholic schools in the Greater St. Albert Catholic School Division and 15 in St. Albert Public Schools. Students in the St. Albert school system can stretch their wings and explore what they value, while getting a core education that will help them succeed at anything they want to do. 

With transit options between the city and several colleges and universities, such as Athabasca University, the University of Alberta, NAIT, and MacEwan University, students who complete their required education and want to go on to university have options for convenient travel. This allows them to explore careers that interest them and ensures they can regularly make their way to and from their classes and other educational obligations.

St. Albert Economy

What's the St. Albert Economy Like?

St. Albert's city government understands the need for continued growth and has identified some target industries where new and existing businesses are encouraged to expand. These include advanced manufacturing, clean technology, and construction. Agribusiness, transportation and logistics, and health and life sciences also have an important place in the city's plans for ongoing development.

The goal of encouraging these specific kinds of businesses is two-fold. First, it will maximize the value of the city, and second, it will create employment opportunities and bring more residents to the area. There are several location advantages in St. Albert, making the area a natural choice for individuals and companies that want to make investments in these particular sectors.

Companies and potential employees interested in what's offered in the St. Albert region can read about the details of getting involved in specific areas of business. With so many opportunities in the city and its surrounding area, nearly anyone who wants to make St. Albert their home can find the right career fit to do so.

More information about finding a job in St. Albert:

Commuting to Edmonton

Residents of St. Albert who commute to Edmonton have options. For driving, they can take AB-2 South, and the commute will usually take between 22 and 50 minutes, depending on traffic and weather conditions.

There are also transit options for those who don't drive or would rather take public transportation. There are seven different bus routes commuters can take, depending on the specific location in Edmonton they're looking for. Each one of the routes has multiple stops, making it easy for commuters to get to the right place efficiently and get home again when they need to.

What's the Weather Like in St. Albert?

Summers in St. Albert are long and comfortable, while winters are typically snowy and windy, with frequent freezing temperatures. They're also mostly cloudy, and residents will see more sunshine in the warmer months. Throughout the year, anyone who lives in the area can expect temperature variations between -14°C and 23°C on average. It's rare that temperatures dip below -27°C or rise above 28°C.

Early July to mid-August is the best time for tourists to visit the area because that's when the weather is warmest. For those who like winter sports and activities, though, January is typically the coldest month. There are activities to enjoy year round, and staying aware of the weather conditions dictates the type of seasonal activities available.

Getting Around St. Albert

Public Transportation & Driving in St. Albert

Getting around the St. Albert area and commuting to other locations is easy and convenient, as the city has a high-quality transit network. A full list of routes and schedules is available, along with other information riders need to know. There are park-and-ride options for commuters who don't have a bus stop near their home and numerous stops throughout the city.

Transit riders can go to Edmonton and other areas outside the city, or can use the transit buses to make their way around neighborhoods and the downtown area. Driving is also convenient because the city is laid out well and roads are well-maintained. Winter driving conditions can lengthen commutes, but the city is diligent about keeping roads clear and safe for those who need to use them.

Ready to Discover St. Albert?

St. Albert, Alberta, is more than just one of Edmonton’s best suburbs; it's a community that values nature and quality of life. With its beautiful parks, engaging arts scene, and affordable home cost, St. Albert offers a balanced lifestyle for those who choose to make it their home. The city's commitment to maintaining a clean, safe, and welcoming environment makes it an ideal place for anyone looking to put down roots in a vibrant community. Embrace the opportunity to be part of St. Albert's thriving community and enjoy the best of both worlds: the tranquility of suburban life with easy access to urban amenities.

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