5 Edmonton High-Rises: The Tallest Buildings in Edmonton

Posted by Terry Paranych on Thursday, September 14th, 2023 at 11:24am.

Edmonton's Tallest Buildings

In the city of Edmonton, the ever-evolving skyline is a testament to modernity and urban development. Among its towering architectural achievements, a remarkable array of skyscrapers pierces the northern skies, each with its own story of growth and ambition. Let's delve into the city's tallest buildings, exploring their architectural significance, economic impact, and the allure they hold for investors, visitors, and anyone considering moving to Edmonton.

Stantec Tower

Standing 66 storeys tall and stretching 251 metres above the ground, Stantec Tower is the tallest building in Edmonton. On May 23, 2018, it surpassed the height of JW Marriott Edmonton Ice District & Residences, claiming its title as the city's tallest structure. This mixed-use development has retail areas, office spaces, and 454 residential apartments. It also serves as Stantec's headquarters and is located near Rogers Place.

The tower offers something special for those who can afford it—SKY Residences on the 30th to 66th floors with high-end finishes and breathtaking views. Plus, you'll have access to top-tier amenities and Edmonton’s public transit system. Stantec Tower ranks seventh among Canada's highest buildings and is the loftiest outside Toronto. So, if you're looking for an unparalleled urban living experience in Edmonton, Stantec Tower should be at the top of your list!

JW Marriott Edmonton

Living in JW Marriott Edmonton

Located in the dynamic ICE District, the JW Marriott Edmonton offers luxurious condos on its top floors for an unforgettable living experience. Construction began in 2014, and by 2019, guests were welcomed to the hotel. Stretching from floors 23 to 54, these chic urban condos are a stone's throw away from Rogers Place and the ICE District Plaza. The building is 192 metres tall and held the title of Edmonton's tallest building until 2018 when Stantec Tower overtook it.

The JW Marriott, which is located on the southern edge of the Central McDougall neighbourhood, features 346 rooms, 2,300 square metres of conference space, and a 930 square metre ballroom on its lower floors. On its upper floors sit luxury condos available for purchase or lease that offer breathtaking panoramic views of Downtown Edmonton. With stunning design and unmatched amenities, The Legends Private Residences truly embody all that is possible with modern city living in Edmonton.

Epcor Tower

Epcor Tower is a LEED Gold and BOMA BEST Gold-certified commercial skyscraper in Downtown Edmonton’s McCauley neighbourhood, boasting many energy-efficient features. It offers two retail levels, a four-tier parkade, fitness amenities, bike storage with accompanying locker rooms and showers, and a spacious loading dock suitable for two large tractor-trailers. The building also has balconies on each floor—the only downtown tower in Edmonton to offer such a design.

Energy efficiency is at the heart of its design. Automated fluorescent lighting systems equipped with dimming and occupancy sensors reduce energy consumption; triple-glazed curtain walls negate the need for peripheral radiation; 78 distinct cooling zones per floor keep temperatures comfortable; balconies provide access to fresh air; and innovative geothermal earth tubes offer passive temperature regulation. Low-flush toilets utilize collected rainwater as well.

The result? Impressive environmental stats that earn Epcor Tower a place on the best condos in Edmonton list, including a 90% decrease in stormwater run-off, a 64% cut in potable water use due to rainwater recycling, and a 23% energy cost saving achieved through geothermal temperature management.

Manulife Place

Shopping and Dining at Manulife Place

Manulife Place is a bustling two-tier shopping concourse and office tower in Central Edmonton, connected to the Edmonton City Centre and Commerce Place via the Pedway. Designed by Clifford Lawrie Bolton Ritchie Architects, it was finished in 1983 and stands at a height of 146 metres. With its 36 floors, Manulife Place held the title of Edmonton's tallest building from its completion in 1983 until 2011. The complex is conveniently located at the intersection of 102 Avenue and 101 Street.

You can find anything you need here—from clothing stores to restaurants—making it an ideal spot for visitors and locals alike. Inside, spacious hallways lead up to modern offices on each floor, providing a professional atmosphere and convenience for those working there. The exterior walls are reflective glass that sparkles when hit by sunlight.

Encore Tower

You'll love the stunning 43-story glass edifice of Encore Tower, situated close to some of the biggest attractions in Downtown Edmonton. With just five condos per floor—the prices of which make the Encore Tower home to some of Edmonton’s most expensive condos—it offers multi-directional views and refined interior finishes that make it an ideal urban residence. 

Residents can find a lounge, fitness center, and outdoor patio on the amenity floor. The tower is surrounded by historic low-rise structures and linked directly to the Financial Core, Ice District, movie theatre, City Centre Mall, YMCA, Royal Alberta Museum, Art Gallery, River Valley, and LRT—all within easy walking distance. You'll enjoy uninterrupted panoramic views from this remarkable tower in a prime location. Whether you're looking for entertainment or relaxation in one of Edmonton’s best neighbourhoods, Encore Tower won't disappoint!

Visit Edmonton’s Tallest High-Rises

Edmonton's tallest buildings are iconic symbols of its urban evolution, anchoring the city's skyline with pride and distinction. These towering structures, home to some of the most spectacular luxury homes in Edmonton, represent architectural feats and economic progress, attracting investors eager to be part of Edmonton's vibrant future. As the city continues to grow and redefine its urban landscape, these skyscrapers will remain central to its identity, representing Edmonton's enduring spirit of development and progress.

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