What Does Foundation Damage Look Like? What Can Be Done to Fix It?

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What You Need to Know About Foundation DamageFoundation damage, when there are cracks and crumbled areas in the concrete foundation in a home, can make life very hard for homeowners. As this type of home maintenance problem causes instability, it can prevent a homeowner from remodeling their home or making improvements, and it compromises the overall integrity of yourself. Foundation damage can also make a home hard to sell. Knowing what foundation damage looks like, how to get a good diagnosis and how to repair foundation damage can help homeowners to protect their property.

What Does Foundation Damage Look Like?

Foundation damage can take different forms and may present different symptoms. For some homeowners, the signs may be subtle. Doors and windows that become jammed shut or open, cracks that appear at the corners of doors and windows, and floors that slant are all typical warning signs of foundation trouble. For some homeowners, a basement that floods frequently can also be a sign.

The most easily recognized signs of foundation damage may be cracks in the foundation. Some types of cracks are more problematic than others. Horizontal cracks and cracks shaped like stair steps, particularly those wider than half a centimetre are the most concerning signs.

What Can Be Done to Fix Foundation Damage?

The type of repair a foundation needs depends on the type of damage and its cause. Before the foundation can be fixed, the original cause of the trouble must be identified. Once the cause has been resolved, then the homeowner can go on to hire a contractor to make repairs to the foundation.

Foundation damage cannot be repaired without the work of a professional contractor. Some types of foundation damage require the home to be raised and the foundation to be replaced, while other types of foundation problems require the foundation to be stabilized with steel braces that are bolted directly to the foundation. When a foundation settles, it must be raised back up with piers that support the home.

Cracks in the foundation must be repaired with a sealing agent. This prevents water from penetrating the home and further damaging the structure.

Does Foundation Damage Prevent You From Selling Your Home?

No, foundation damage does not have to prevent a homeowner from selling. However, foundation damage can dramatically reduce the value of the home. Many homeowners are surprised to find out that the reduction to the price of the home may equal more than the cost to repair the foundation. This is because many buyers expect their home to be turn key.

Home buyers who are willing to make repairs may still offer much lower than the price of the repairs for fear that the repairs may end up being more than the contractor's initial estimate. Home buyers who purchase a damaged home are assuming a certain amount of risk, and therefore they expect the seller to make deep concessions for the trouble.

A home seller can make more on the sale of their home if they repair their foundation beforehand. When looking for a contractor to make the repairs, homeowners must look for a reputable business that offers a warranty on the work. Working with a good contractor helps reassure home buyers that the work was done properly and the home is now in good condition.

Homeowners who would like to sell their home with foundation damage can start by contacting a real estate agent in their area. A good real estate agent can help the homeowner to determine the best course of action to sell their Spruce Grove home.

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