Edmonton Downtown Driving Times from 10 Nearby Suburbs

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What to Know About Downtown Driving Times

Edmonton, Alberta, has a population of about one million people within the city limits. The Edmonton community, however, is a metropolis, with about 1.5 million people in total. While living in Edmonton itself has several advantages, living in the Edmonton suburbs has advantages as well. The suburbs can provide more of a small-town feel, and homes in most suburbs can be more affordable than living in the city. Many of the suburbs feature Edmonton new construction homes, which are attractive to some buyers.

For those working in the Downtown Edmonton neighbourhood and considering living in the suburbs, a key factor will be the length of the commute, Edmonton's seasonal parking ban, and driving in the snow.  Read on to discover some popular Edmonton suburbs within a 35–40-minute commute of downtown when driving in Edmonton.

Beaumont to Edmonton

The Beaumont community is located in Leduc County, 27–28 kilometres from Edmonton by the fastest routes. It's southwest of and adjacent to Edmonton. Commuting downtown by car requires between 28 and 32 minutes, depending upon the traffic on the fastest two routes.

One way to drive from Beaumont to downtown Edmonton is via Gateway Boulevard/AB-2. This route typically requires 28 minutes. Another primary route to Edmonton is via 50 Avenue. While this route is about a kilometre shorter, it typically requires about 32 minutes. A third route is via Range Route 232/AB 14 and AB 216, but that route is 42.4 kilometres and requires about 37 minutes.

Stony Plain to Edmonton

The town of Stony Plain is in Parkland County, 35–42 kilometres west of Edmonton. The trip downtown typically requires between 35 and 40 minutes.

Usually, the fastest route is AB-16, which is 42 kilometres out of downtown and requires about 35 minutes. Drivers travel on AB-16 to the Yellowhead Highway East. Another primary route is AB-16A East, Parkland Highway.

Devon to Edmonton

The Devon community is located along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, about 26 kilometres southwest of Edmonton. The commute usually takes about 35–40 minutes, depending on route and traffic.

The fastest route is typically via AB-19-E and AB-2 N. Its 40 kilometres usually require about 34 minutes to traverse. Another option is primarily along Route 216 E, and depending upon exactly where one lives in Devon, they'll probably take AB-19 E to Range Road to Township Road to 170 to Rabbit Hill Road SW to get to Route 216. This route takes about 38 minutes. A third possibility is via 60 N until it intersects with AB-16, requiring about 39 minutes.

Strathcona County to Edmonton

Strathcona County is a specialized municipality, which includes Sherwood Park. It's about 32–39 kilometres east of downtown Edmonton. The typical commute time is 26–33 minutes.

The primary commuting route is AB-16, exiting at 101 Avenue West. This 31.9-kilometre route requires about 26 minutes. Another route is AB-16 and the Yellowhead Highway. This route requires about 29 minutes and is 33.4 kilometres. A third route is AB-16 and AB-216 to the Argyll West exit and then Argyll NW. This 33-minute route is about 39.7 kilometres.

Morinville to Edmonton

Morinville is a town in Sturgeon County, about 37 kilometres north of the city of Edmonton. Depending on route and traffic, the driving time is between 40 and 44 minutes.

The primary route between Morinville and Edmonton is AB-2 to the St. Albert Trail NW. Drivers continue to Grout Road NW S and then head into the city centre. This route is 36.9 kilometres and takes about 40 minutes. An alternate route takes AB-642 E to AB-28, where the driver turns right. The road becomes 97 St NW as it approaches downtown. This route requires about 42 minutes to drive, and the distance is 40.3 kilometres.

A third route takes AB-2 south to the AB-37 exit toward Fort/Saskatchewan/Onoway. From there, the driver turns right onto Range Road, which becomes 127 St. NW. The driver turns left on the Yellowhead Highway, proceeds to 121 St NW, turns right, and then turns left onto Kingsway NW. The distance of this route is 39.9 kilometres, and the expected drive time is about 44 minutes.

Spruce Grove to Edmonton

The Spruce Grove community is a city about 28 kilometres west of Edmonton and surrounded by Parkland County. It's Alberta's ninth-largest city. Travel time to downtown Edmonton from Spruce Grove is generally 33–35 minutes.

The primary route is AB-16 A East, which leads directly into downtown. This route typically requires about 33 minutes. An alternate route is AB 16 East, which usually takes 35 minutes and is 34.7 kilometres.

Leduc to Edmonton

The Leduc community is a city of about 33,000 people, the 11th largest in Alberta. It's about 33 kilometres south of downtown Edmonton.

Commuting to downtown Edmonton from Leduc is done along one primary route: AB-2 N to Gateway Boulevard. The commuting time is about 30 minutes.

Sherwood Park to Edmonton

The Sherwood Park community is a hamlet and urban service area in Strathcona County. It's adjacent to Edmonton's easternmost boundary and about a 20-minute drive from downtown.

The primary driving route to downtown Edmonton is the most direct one. It's via Baseline Road West, and the distance is 15.1 kilometres. An alternate route takes Sherwood Drive S to Wye Road/AB-630 W to Sherwood Park Ferry West. The route also uses 82, 99, and 90 avenues, Queen Elizabeth Park Road, and Walterdale Bridge Road. Its distance is 19.4 kilometres, and the drive time is 25 minutes.

St. Albert to Edmonton

The St. Albert community is a city on the Sturgeon River about 17–19 kilometres northwest of downtown Edmonton. It's adjacent to Edmonton.

The primary commuting Route is AB-2. One route is to take AB-2 to Grout Road NW and take East River Valley Road into the downtown area. Another route is to take AB-2 to 118 Ave NW, which becomes Kingsway. Although the second route is two kilometres shorter, the driving time for both routes is typically 26 minutes.

Fort Saskatchewan to Edmonton

The Fort Saskatchewan community along the North Saskatchewan River is about 30–35 kilometres northeast of downtown Edmonton. The commuting time is around 30–35 minutes.

The quickest route is generally AB-21 south, which is a distance of 35 kilometres from downtown Edmonton. With this 30-minute route, commuters travel AB-21 south to Baseline Road in Sherwood Park. They follow Baseline Road to 101 Ave NW, which becomes Terrace Road. They stay on Terrace Road through a left turn to 98 Avenue and then 97 Avenue as they head to downtown.

An alternate route is a shorter distance but typically requires 35 minutes to complete. It uses AB-15 W and Fort Road NW to go downtown.

Get Out & About in Edmonton

Living in Greater Edmonton can be a great experience. Because the daytime commutes are relatively short, suburbanites can work downtown and enjoy a suburban lifestyle without spending too long in their cars. Area residents can even buy acreage around Edmonton and experience the best of the Canadian countryside while still being within a convenient distance to Edmonton's many things to do

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