Edmonton Driving & Commute Times - Things to Know

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What to Know About Driving in Edmonton

When moving into one of the new luxury homes or condos available in Edmonton, it's important to understand the local driving conditions. After all, driving to and from work, stores, outdoor activities, school, and more are an integral part of everyday life. Below, learn more about major roadways, rush hour, parking, and helpful tips that make driving in the Edmonton community more enjoyable.

Get to Know Edmonton's Major Roads

Because Edmonton is a larger city, it has many major roads. Starting in the North, 82 Street and 97 Street are the major arterial roads. 82 Street is the main route out of downtown to northern neighbourhoods. On the other hand, 97 Street is the main route in and out of downtown to CFB Edmonton.

In East Edmonton, 17 Street is the main road most residents use. It leads to the newly developing communities and is expected to have more traffic. Additionally, 83 Street and Connors Road connect eastern neighbourhoods to downtown Edmonton.

Looking to the South, the main arterial road is 99 Street. It connects residents with downtown, historical landmarks, and southern neighbourhoods. It has one change along the way, Parson Road.

Moving to the West Edmonton community, residents can use 149 Street and 156 Street. Both connect the western neighbourhoods to downtown. However, 149 Street also connects residents to the northern industrial districts.

Finally, the major road is 101 Street in the downtown Edmonton community, running a true south-north as the farthest-east street in downtown. It also connects to most of the aforementioned major roads.

What to Expect During Rush Hour in Edmonton

During rush hour in Edmonton, drivers can expect a lot of stop-and-go traffic. This means it's even more important to avoid tailgating, especially during winter conditions.

Fortunately, the morning congestion is not too bad. Records show that only an average of 12% of roadways in the city is congested. Furthermore, the congestion typically only lasts from around 7–10 a.m. Monday through Friday. On the other hand, congestion in the evening rush is much worse. Depending on the day and any special events in the city, anywhere from 20% to 40% of roadways can be congested. The congestion starts as early as 3 p.m. and has been known to extend well beyond 6 p.m.

Parking in Edmonton

Despite having traffic during rush hour, parking in Edmonton is fairly simple. Those who live in the city are eligible to apply for residential permits paid for annually, ensuring every registered resident has a parking spot in their zone. However, parking spots are not reserved and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Still, this can alleviate the stress of trying to find parking in busier areas.

The city has plenty of street parking and parkades for non-city residents to use 365 days a year. All parking must be paid, and payments are strictly enforced. With the city's three-strike policy, anyone who received two tickets in the same zone will have their car towed immediately upon the third violation.

The parking rates in Edmonton are fairly priced. On-street parking ranges from $1–$3.50 per hour Monday through Friday and is only $1 on Saturday. Those who prefer to park in a parkade will pay rates varying from $2–$5 per hour Monday through Saturday. All paid parking is free in Edmonton on Sundays and holidays.

In addition to vehicle parking, residents and visitors can take advantage of the numerous free bike parking stations downtown. These are free to use and available on a first-come, first-served basis. However, riders must bring their own locks.

Other Helpful Things to Know

Whether those moving to Edmonton have lived in Alberta their whole life or are brand-new to the province, it never hurts to listen to what others have to say about driving in the area. Specific tips for navigating Edmonton start with using the Park & Ride system. This is an excellent way to commute from one of the new communities near Edmonton. Rather than dealing with morning and evening rush hours, the Park & Ride system allows residents to park in the designated lot and take the bus into the city. It also allows new residents a way to see more of the city without driving alone.

It's almost important to note that Edmonton is known for handing out speeding tickets. There are numerous radars ready to catch speeders. Following the speed limit prevents fines and also ensures everyone is safe on the road throughout the year.

Edmonton regularly has snowfall during the winter, so it's important to know what to expect while driving in winter conditions. If someone has never driven in snow, taking a lesson or two is crucial. The city of Edmonton has also provided winter driving tips that even seasoned winter drivers should keep in mind.

Before winter arrives, an annual vehicle check-up is crucial. This will ensure all fluids are at the correct levels and allows drivers to become aware of early signs of damage. While snow tires are not required in the providence, the city still recommends them on every vehicle.

Every vehicle should also have a safety kit, which can make a huge difference if someone becomes stuck in the snow. The kit should include numerous items, including blankets, extra clothing, warning lights and reflectors, kitty litter or sand for traction, cable boosters, and other survival items.

Finally, residents are always encouraged to clean all of the snow off their vehicles. While this can be a hassle, it ensures maximum visibility at all times while driving. Many parking lots in the city have windshield washing stations to assist with the cleaning process.

Get Out & About in Edmonton

Edmonton's driving conditions may seem intimidating at times, but that doesn't take away how wonderful it is to live here. Between the world-renowned entertainment, shopping, dining, and easy access to outdoor adventures, the rush hour traffic and congestion are a small price to pay. Living in a luxurious Edmonton home means residing in an area where people wait all year to come vacation!

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